how to make iced coffee taste so good
There’s a lot of debate about making iced coffee, and I do feel expert enough to weigh in on the topic. If you look for instructions on how to make the best iced coffee, you’ll fine 87 different ways to do it. Much of the argument is about proportions. Iced coffee is hot coffee diluted with ice, so in order to make a tall, cool glass of iced coffee that doesn’t taste like dishwater, you have to start with stronger coffee. Now, I am a pretty “path of least resistance” kind of guy, so here’s how I do it. Please note that my method isn’t an “instant” one. It takes a little forward planning. It’s easy to do, and since I drink a lot of iced coffee come summer, it’s pretty easy to always have some on hand. The first step is to brew a pot (preferably drip) of coffee. No special proportions are needed. Just brew your usual pot of coffee. Once the pot is brewed, pour it into one or two ice trays. (Link to ice trays on Amazon here). Freeze the ice trays. Once the cubes have formed, you can transfer them into a ziplock bag (link to zip lock bags) and throw them back into the freezer.
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Ice Cube trays

Please note here that you should dedicate a couple of ice trays to coffee ice cubes. Coffee has lots of volatile oils, so once you’ve used an ice tray for coffee, subsequent regular ice cubes made in them may still taste of coffee.

Next is to brew a regular pot of coffee. I usually pour a hot cup over some coffee ice cubes, add milk, and then refrigerate the rest of the pot for additional glasses of iced coffee. Voila! On rare occasion, I even have enough cold coffee in the refrigerator the next day for my first glass of the day. Effort free!

Another method for a really good glass of iced coffee is… Wait for it… Instant coffee. But not just any instant coffee.

Medalia D’Oro espresso powder (link here). Now, here’s the thing, I hate instant coffee. I do keep a bottle of instant espresso in the house because I am a baker, and many chocolate recipes call for a teaspoon of instant coffee – coffee intensifies the flavor of chocolate! Iit also makes a great glass of iced coffee! And it does it quickly. I use a heaping teaspoon (you may have to experiment with proportion here to get the right strength). In a tall glass.

I add an inch of very hot tap water, or boiling water to dissolve the coffee. Fill the glass about a third full or cold water. Add ice and milk. Iced coffee in an instant!

My final suggestion for a great glass of iced coffee is the cold brew method. Cold brew coffee seems to be all the rage right now. You can even buy cold brew equipment (link here to Amazon).

This one takes a little effort and substantial time (it takes about 15 hours), so it won’t work if you need your iced coffee NOW! I discuss the cold brew method in this article (link to cold brew article), but here’s the gist of it:

  • Add 4 cups of water and ½ cup coarse grind coffee to a pitcher
    Give it a stir
  • Refrigerate 12 to 15 hours
  • Strain the coffee through a fine strainer lined with cheesecloth into a clean
  • Dilute one part cold brew coffee to 1 part water/milk
  • Enjoy!

So there are three good methods for making a great glass of iced coffee. Of course, coffee, hot or iced, is a very personal taste, so you will have to experiment to get the strength of the coffee right, as well as the proportion of coffee to the ice to milk. Persistence, my friends. You’ll be sipping the perfect, tall glass before you know it!

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