how to cold brew coffee the right way
Cold brew coffee seems to be popping up everywhere, but what is it?
Cold brew coffee is iced coffee made with coffee that has been steeped in cool water for a very long time, usually 12 to 24 hours. This produces a stronger, smoother brew that is less acidic and has a more rounded flavor due to the fact that with a lower water temperature, the solubles found in coffee grounds are extracted in a very different way. Additionally, cold brew coffee extracts more caffeine than your regular joe.
Cold brew coffee is usually served iced, but it’s not unheard of to dilute it and heat it (usually in a microwave oven) as a regular hot coffee drink.
Generally speaking, cold brew coffee is a concentrate that needs to be diluted (at a ratio of one-to-one to three-to-one, depending on personal taste). In order to try cold brew coffee at home, you only need a few things (which you most likely already have on hand). If you find that you really like it, there are kits you can purchase, like this one…

How to make cold brew coffee at home

You will need:


  • Coffee
  • Water (use filtered or bottled water)
  • Fine-mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glass pitcher (or a large mason jar)
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  1. Add 4 cups of water and ½ Cup coarsely ground coffee to your pitcher.
  2. Give the coffee and water a stir.
  3. Refrigerate for 12 to 15 hours – don’t be tempted to rush. The wait will be well worth it!
  4. Strain the mixture through a fine strainer lined with a couple of layers of cheesecloth (rinse the cheesecloth in cold water and wring it out first).
  5. To serve, start with a one-to-one ratio of coffee to water and/or milk.
  6. Enjoy!


Cold brew coffee concentrate will keep, refrigerated for about a week. Do not add milk or sugar prior to storage, as this can hasten spoilage.

It may take a few tries to get your proportions right. You’re working with coffee and water to begin with, and then water and / or milk in the dilution process, so be patient. Also, make sure that you buy coarse grind coffee (or better, grind your own coffee coarsely – kosher salt is about the right consistency). Finer grinds will over extract and produce coffee that is bitter.

Also be mindful of food safety, and keep the concentrate refrigerated, as coffee has organic oils, which will turn rancid if not stored properly.

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