best coffee for cold brew

Whether you enjoy it in the summer or year-round, you need the best coffee for cold brew to make a great, flavorful cold brew cup.

You can’t use regular coffee beans to make cold brew. That’s why we analyzed only the best from top roasters. The beans for cold brew we chose are well-loved, top-rated, and highly praised by other cold brew fans just like you.

Check our beans for cold brew picks and our cold brew guide to get the perfect cup each time!

The Advantages Of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-brew offers some really interesting advantages. Even people who can’t stand the taste of coffee love cold brew. That’s because cold brewing produces a completely different cup of coffee in terms of flavor and taste.

The main advantages of cold brewing are:

Low Acidity

Cold brew coffee has an acidic level that is 67% lower than the hot coffee we are used to. High acidity can damage teeth, stomach lining, and lead to heartburn. Due to the lower acidity of the cold brew, the pH levels are more balanced. You will even visit the bathroom less because of it. This means that if you have digestive problems that prevent you from drinking coffee, cold brew might actually be a great way to enjoy coffee again.

Smoother And Sweeter

Since the coffee grounds are not exposed to really high temperatures, a cup of cold brew offers more flavor and is less bitter. Therefore, you can use less cream, sugar, and sweeteners even if you like your coffee sweet. Consequently, the caloric intake is reduced. With cold brew, you can actually enjoy black coffee and not be bothered by its strength. Speaking about strength, cold brew coffee is usually really caffeinated so expect your cold coffee to give you a huge kick, especially if you never tried it before.

Very Little Waste

A cold brew concentrate can easily make a strong, tasty cup of coffee at the desired strength. You can store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for up to 14 days without losing any flavor. When you want to make yourself a cup of coffee, you can use as much concentrate as you want so you fully control the strength of each cup.

Can Be Served Hot Or Cold

One thing that many do not know is that cold brew can be served both hot and cold. Making iced coffee is very simple since all you have to do is to pour the concentrate over ice and then make your cup as you usually do.

For hot coffee, boil some water and add it over the concentrate. You can even use the microwave if you are in a hurry.

How To Choose The Best Coffee For Cold Brew

People are always really particular about the coffee they drink. One thing is for sure though – the coffee you love for your hot cups to make cold brew is not suitable for cold brew. You need beans for cold brew. However, as you surely know, coffee is very complex. In order to get the flavor you love, you have to look at many variables:
  • bean variety
  • coffee origin
  • how the beans were picked
  • growing elevation
  • processing
  • roasting
  • how your coffee is stored
The good news with cold brewing is that the process is forgiving with these variables, far more forgiving than the process of making drip coffee for example. The brewing time is longer and, as a result, the flavor can be properly extracted from the beans. If you want the best coffee for cold brews, the vital factors to consider are:


When you look for cold brew coffee beans, you notice there are many roast options compared to espresso, for example. That’s because you can use any roast for cold brewing including, light, light-medium, medium, and dark roasts. Although, most people prefer the dark roast. And there is a good reason for their choice.

Dark roasts offer rich and deep flavors. The flavors range from earthy, syrupy, nutty, chocolaty to floral, and fruity. In addition, darker roasts are much more affordable. The single-origin coffee varieties that have fruity or floral flavors always cost more because the floral and fruity notes are hard to extract for cold brewing.

The only thing that you need to remember is that, when you choose a lighter roast, it will take longer to extract the flavor. However, if you don’t mind subtle flavors, you don’t have to increase the steeping time.


With cold brew, the grind is often considered to be the most important aspect. Grind size dictates the quality of your cup. Even if you use the best possible coffee beans, if the grind is wrong, you won’t be able to appreciate the flavor of the beans.

What is the best grind? Generally speaking, the coarse grind is preferred. This means coffee needs to feel gritty as you rub it between fingers. The coffee grind should be similar in appearance with beach sand. There are many reasons that this type of grind is better for cold brew.

For starters, coarser grinds are faster as you drip. The fine grind should not be used because it is really dense and water cannot easily flow. With finer grinds, water ends up trapped above the grinds so the result is really bad. In addition, with the fine grinds, the flavor can be a little bitter due to over-extraction. When you choose the coarser grind, water easily drips and full flavors can be extracted from the coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Age

When you use hot water to brew, the age of the coffee bean is very important because it influences taste. Coffee features some soluble elements that get extracted when you use hot water. However, these soluble elements are not extracted during cold brewing. Because of this, coffee freshness is not actually such an important factor.

If you grind your coffee at home, you can use pre-ground coffee for a few weeks without negatively influencing the flavor, aroma, and taste of a cold brew.

Best Coffee For Cold Brew

From organic and single-origin coffee to more affordable but flavorful options, our top picks guarantee that your cup of coffee will be always as good as it can be. So, if you are looking for the very best coffee for cold brewing, you have to seriously consider the following options:

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee

Stone Street is a renowned American specialty roaster with its headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC. They have been roasting coffee ever since 2009. Their expertise allowed them to perfect many different blends and roasts, including those for their Cold Brew line.

The Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Supremo is a dark roast coffee designed for cold brewing and cold pressing. It is not as acidic as others and the beans are 100% Colombian Supremo. These beans are characterized by notes of caramel, chocolate, and fruit. Cold-brew enthusiasts recommend it as among the best in the world for cold brewing.

You can choose out of 1 lb or 5 lbs resealable bags, based on how much you need. No matter what you choose, the packaging guarantees the preservation of freshness and aroma.

You can buy whole beans or pre-ground coffee. If you opt for the second option, you can expect the perfect grind for slow extraction.


• Single-origin beans coming from a premier coffee growing region

• Bold flavor that is highlighted through cold brewing

• Can buy both whole bean and pre-ground, based on your individual needs


• More expensive than other available options

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee – Smooth & Sweet Blend

Bizzy Organic prides itself on offering 100% USDA organic coffee. Every purchase adds up to collect points that will earn you discounts and other surprises through the Bizzy Rewards Program.

Their Organic Smooth & Sweet Coarse Ground features a sweet, hazelnut, and caramel flavor profile and is a medium roast. You can also opt for a dark or light roast if you prefer.

Although it has hazelnut flavor, the coffee does not contain hazelnuts so you do not have to worry about allergies. The coffee is refreshing, smooth and has a unique taste that most buyers love. Grounds are specifically crafted for cold brewing.


• 100% organic and ethically sourced from Nicaragua and Peru

• Special cold brewing coarse grind for an extra smooth, consistent cold brew

• An included rewards program you can use for future discounts


• The hazelnut and caramel flavor profile is a hit or miss. You might like it or not.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Coffee Roasters is a brand renowned for quality coffee roasts, located in Hollywood, Florida. Ever since the company was founded, it worked hard to offer the best possible specialty coffee beans. This is instantly visible in the Dark Roast coffee beans it offers. You can expect all beans coming from Koffee Kult to be bold, fresh, and to have the exact taste you expect.

With the Dark Roast coffee beans, the blend is 100% Arabica. You receive whole beans so you have to use your grinder to achieve the perfect grind. It is not at all difficult to get a coarser grind to have the right coffee for a cold brew. Plus, grinding your own coffee ensures freshness.

With the Koffee Kult dark roast whole coffee beans, you get a bold, strong flavor. It is smooth and not bitter, with really low acidity. If you do not like the coffee you get, you can return it and you will receive a full refund.


• Perfect consistency and flavor

• Very strong aroma


• Can be too sweet for some people

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

As already mentioned, Koffee Kult is highly trusted and appreciated by coffee enthusiasts from all around the world. The roaster offers many different options to those who want variety including this really interesting Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans pack.

When you buy, you receive a pack with a great aroma that is perfect for different types of brewing including cold brew. The notes in this coffee are chocolatey, the body is bold, acidity is medium, and the finish is a little sugary.

All the coffee you get is 100% Columbia Huila that was organically sourced and the beans come from the renowned Hula region. Many coffee enthusiasts believe these beans are among the best ones you can get.

The coffee beans are freshly roasted in the same way every single time to preserve the sweet and chocolate natural flavors. The company only roasts in small batches, right before packaging to ensure freshness and taste consistency. One thing is for sure – you know what you get when you buy Colombian Huila from Koffee Kult.


• You always know what you get

• Very fresh coffee with a smooth bold flavor

• Only roasted in very small batches


• The chocolatey aroma is not for everyone

• The coffee is more expensive than other options

Dr. Mojo’s Cold Brew Coffee Beans – Medium Roast

Dr. Mojo Coffee is well-known for its artisan coffee. The cold brew beans are always freshly roasted in small batches. They are packed in Chicago so they can be quickly delivered to your home. The company has a huge experience and is renowned for its consistency. The founders were inspired by the coffee drinking culture of New Zealand, where freshly roasted premium strong coffee is always on the table. This is why they always aim to deliver only fresh roasted and high-quality beans.

Dr. Mojo’s Medium Roast has notes of citrus and stone fruit, all with a finish of vanilla. The coffee is low in acidity and has a very balanced flavor. You can always expect a very intense shot of caffeine when you drink your cold brew.

Just as the name implies, the coffee is specifically chosen for iced coffee or cold coffee. The roast is medium to light and full.


• Very easy to brew

• You can try it risk-free so if you do not like it, you get a full refund

• Full, balanced flavor


• The citrus notes might not be your thing

Best Decaf Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brewing is not necessarily just for those who want a shot of caffeine in the morning. You can also use decaf coffee. The best option available right now is:

The Clover Grind Co. – 4 Decaffeinated Cold Brew Coffee Packs

This cold brew coffee is completely caffeine-free and was specifically chosen for its strong and flavorful taste. You can use it for cold brew, smoothies, shakes, and even your favorite dessert recipes. it’s pre ground so you no longer have to worry about grinding coffee. Moreover, you can simply use the brewing guide that comes with the coffee packs to get the best possible results. If you want a lighter brew, you can increase the amount of water you use.

Most people appreciate the full-bodied, powerful and smooth Colombian roast, all presented in a fully-decaffeinated version. You can easily travel with the packs since they are highly convenient so you can just take them with you on a hike. Or brew your decaf and put it inside a thermos to have it cold the entire day. Then, you can enjoy a tasty cold brew at the library, with some cookies or when you run your daily errands. Your choice.


• Full taste of flavorful cold brew without caffeine

• Very convenient

• You always get the same consistency


• The filter on the cold brew decaf packs can easily break so you need to be careful when handling

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