Travel Coffee Makers: The 9 Best Portable Coffee Makers For Nomadic Coffee Lovers

the best travel coffee makers

Whether you are going away for the day of for a month, there are lots of good reasons for traveling with your own portable coffee maker! First and foremost is that every travel article that I have ever read has warned against using the coffee maker in your hotel room. These appliances are never cleaned, and all kinds of revolting bacteria (including coliforms) have been found when they are tested. That said, room service coffee is an option, albeit a pricey one! Enough said.

Before you buy a travel coffee maker, you have some thinking to do so that you buy a coffee maker that suits your needs. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • What kind of coffee do I prefer? Espresso, drip, or French press?
  • How much space will I have in my luggage? Are you a luxury traveler, or a backpacker, or a camper? Weight and bulk both matter.
  • Electric or manual? Remember that if you choose the manual option, you will need a way to provide boiling water. And, obviously, if you are a camper (not a glamper with a power generator), you won’t have access to electricity.

Remember that you will also need ground coffee, measuring spoons, a travel mug, and possibly a tea kettle to provide boiling water.

When traveling with your own coffee maker, you can have the cup of coffee that you want, whenever you want it. And you are assured of a good cup every time. Here are
reviews of the best portable coffee makers. We’ve included reviews of portable espresso makers, portable drip coffee makers, and portable French press (cafatiere) coffee makers.

whole coffee beans spilled


1) AeroPress 82R08 Coffee Maker with Tote Bag - Black

This simple method of brewing coffee involves hot water (no heating element here), coffee, and gentle pressure. And you have a cup of espresso-like coffee (without the crema, alas), in about 30 seconds. The coffee is properly extracted and produces a full-bodied brew with low acidity. The AeroPress is lightweight and portable. It is simple to clean with very few parts. The coffee is micro-filtered for ultra smooth coffee without any grit. The AeroPress uses paper filters, but a reusable metal filter can be purchased separately (link to metal filter). And this model even comes with its own tote bag!


2) Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated from Piston Action

This elegant, bullet shaped espresso maker is lightweight, and easy to pack. It also includes an integral coffee cup. You simply fill the filter basket with ground coffee, attach the outlet head into the main body, preheat the tank, add boiling water to the tank, and push the plunger several times (there is a semi-automatic piston inside the tank). When optimal pressure has been achieved, a rich cup of espresso is extracted.

Water tanks of different capacities are available, so the unit can produce several kinds of espresso, including ristretto and caffe lungo.


3) The Oomph Advanced Coffee Maker, Midnight Black. The ultimate portable coffee maker ideal for home, office, camping and travel.

The Oomph portable coffee maker has a number of features to ensure a great cup of coffee every time. The rebrew function allows you to fine tune your coffee after it has been brewed. The intelligent grind function compensates for differences in ground coffee (this is great if you are travelling and cannot find your preferred grind. The active stirring feature mixes the coffee and water for full extraction.

Not only does the Oomph have a built in travel cup, but it also has a travel-style lid, so you can drink directly out of the brewer. It will also keep coffee hot for up to an hour. The device has a 14 ounce capacity, and makes coffee in under two minutes. And there is nothing to throw out except the used coffee grounds!

young lady holding coffee cup on her travels

Drip coffee

4) Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine 162740 Black and Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This single cup drip coffee maker comes with an insulated travel mug. The machine boasts a permanent filter, auto-shut off function, and the tank has a water level indicator to make sure you always add the proper amount of water. Coffee brews directly into the travel mug for a quick and easy cup of coffee.

5) Coffee Maker, Aicook Filter Coffee Machine, Mini 2 Cup Coffee Makers, Travel Coffee Maker with 2 Ceramic Cup, Anti-Drip System, Permanent Reusable Filter, Black and Silver

This drip coffee maker is great for couples who travel. This trim machine makes two mugs of coffee at time. The permanent filter is good for the environment, plus you will never run out of filters. And trust me, coffee brewed through a paper towel is disgusting! The machine brews two mugs of coffee in about 2 minutes. It has a safety shut off if the water tank runs dry. It also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer does recommend running the machine through with lemon juice or white vinegar before initial use, always turning off the machine after use, and using medium grind coffee, as fine grind coffee will pass through the filter resulting in a chunky cup of coffee.

coffee on the ski slopes

6) Breville VCF050 Coffee Express Personal Coffee Machine, 500ml, Black

Breville is known to make quality appliances. This personal filter coffee machine is great for home, work, or travel. The filter coffee machine includes a double walled, impact resistant, bpa free 500ml plastic bottle with lid that keeps coffee hotter longer and a permanent gold tone filter. The machine takes less than 5 minutes to brew a full, 500ml cup. The bottle, bottle top, and filter are all dishwasher safe.

French Press

7) BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set, Stainless Steel with Extra Lid, Vacuum, 0.35 L/12 oz, Black

This is the ultimate portable coffee maker. It consists of a mug with a lid and plunger. An extra lid is included, but you don’t have to travel with it…

This ultra-simple device makes a single serving of French press coffee (or loose leaf tea). Simply add 3 to 4 tablespoons of coarse ground coffee, milk and sweetener (if you prefer) and boiling water to the mug. Put the lid on (with the plunger in the “up” position, and go! After 4 minutes, carefully push the plunger down, and enjoy!

The stainless steel double wall cup keeps coffee hot for hours. The cup has a non-skid rubber base and an ergonomic grip with a silicone band, and will remain cool to the touch. The silicone and mesh filter reduces sediment (grounds) in your coffee.

I find that when using stainless steel vacuum cups, it is always best to preheat them with very hot tap water or boiling water before adding coffee and water. You would be amazed at how much longer the liquids will stay hot. Not that it ever takes me THAT long do drain a cup of coffee!


8) Yimaler Cafetière French Press Coffee Maker Cold/ Hot Brew Coffee Press Mug Portable Vacuum Travel Mug for Office School Camping Outdoors Perfect Coffee and Tea ( 12oz/350ml | Black)ère-Portable-Camping-Outdoors/dp/B07GR35Q3L/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=travel+coffee+maker&qid=1554569097&s=kitchen&sr=1-13

This portable French press coffee maker can brew 350ml of hot or cold brew coffee and loose tea. The double wall, stainless steel lined vacuum keeps coffee hot for 4 hours, and iced coffee cold for 8 hours. The mug is leak proof and spill proof. The micron mesh stainless steel filter keeps coffee grinds out of your coffee.

To use, you simply fill the cup with 25g of coffee and boiling water. After 3 to 4 minutes, twist the cylinder and the lid, and slowly press the plunger down, making sure the lid is opened. That’s all there is to it!
Andronicas French Press Travel Mug Black Self Lock Portable Coffee Maker Travel Coffee Mug Tea and Coffee Maker Bottle Hot and Cold Coffee Brewer Travel Tumbler 

9) Andronicas French Press Travel Mug Black Self Lock Portable Coffee Maker Travel Coffee Mug Tea and Coffee Maker Bottle Hot and Cold Coffee Brewer Travel Tumbler Commuter Camping Outdoors and Office

Available in red and black, this 350ml portable French press coffee maker is made from food-grade plastic. The leak-proof design is made to fit in your car cup holder. It can be used as a French press or as a traditional travel mug (it comes with the French press plunger as well as a traditional lid). 

To use, simply place coffee and boiling water into the cup. Wait 3 to 4 minutes and switch the filter to the unlock position. Make sure the vent is open and press the plunger down. The tank will automatically lock the coffee away, isolating the spent coffee grinds from your drink, and preventing it from becoming bitter. Remember that when you make French press coffee, (link to How to Make French Press Coffee article), it is recommended that you pour the coffee immediately after you push the plunger down.  

Now that we’ve reviewed the best portable coffee makers, get out there and explore the world. With your own favorite cup of coffee!

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