Keurig k575 review

Are you on the lookout for a brand new coffee maker? Then you are in the right place.

With a 4.2 out of 5-star rating, the Keurig K575 single serve coffee brewer won’t let you down. The minimalistic and slim design, the extra large color touch screen, and the brew cup sizes versatility of this coffee machine are only some of the features and characteristics of the Keurig K575 that make it a great coffee maker.

Let’s get right into it and learn more about what the Keurig K575 has to offer!

Keurig k575 At A Glance

Let’s take a look at what Keurig k575 has to offer.

Like most Keurig coffee makers, the Keurig k575 has a slim and modern look that promises to blend in your kitchen area just right without taking too much counter space.

While the Keurig k575 model provides the convenience of a pod machine, it doesn’t compromise on taste. This coffee machine can brew your morning cup of joy just the way you like thanks to the strength control setting and temperature control. Do you like your coffee hot and mild? No problem. Do you prefer your cup of coffee bold and intense? Sure!

When it comes to functionality and performance, this coffee machine can brew your favorite cup of coffee or specialty beverage of your choice in just under one minute – which is great news for the cocoa and tea lovers out there.


Features: Keurig K 575 Model

If you want to see the detailed features of the Keurig K 575 model, then check the table below:

  • Item dimensions: 13.2 x 10.5 x 13.3 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Water Reservoir: 80 ounces
  • Strength Control: Yes
  • Display: Yes – Color
  • Cup Size: K-Cup, K-Mug, K-Carafe brew sizes: Up to 30 oz
  • Temperature Control: Yes
  • Auto on / off feature: Yes
  • Brewing time: Under 1 minute
  • Amazon rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Water Filter Kit: Yes

Pros And Cons Of The Keurig k575


  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive control system
  • Easy installation process: No need for technical assistance.
  • Compact Size: Designed to take up only a small space out of your kitchen’s counter
  • Removable drip tray: Allows you to brew to larger cups and mugs like travel mugs. You can fit up to 7.2″ travel mug.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  •  Customizable coffee strength
  • Temperature control: Five temperature settings to enjoy your favorite beverage at the desired temperature
  • Customizable brew sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce cups, and a K-carafe ( 22, 26, or 30 ounce)
  • Large water reservoir: 80oz water reservoir which allows you to brew up to approximately 10+ cups before you have to refill.
  •  Illuminating water reservoir: Choose from several different nightlight colors to illuminate your kitchen at night.
  • Color Touch screen: Simple and intuitive extra large touch screen
  • Integrated digital clock
  • Auto on and Auto off feature: Ensures that your coffee maker is up and running when you need it, while also automatically powers off once you ‘ve had your last cup of coffee.


  • Compatible only with Keurig pods
  • K-Carafe must be purchased separately

Keurig K575: Ease of Use

Easy Installation Process

The Keurig K575 is very easy to setup and use, without the need of any professional technical support. Even in the unlucky case that you encounter a few difficulties while installing it, you can find detailed guidance in the user’s manual that comes with the device.

Cleansing Brew

Before you use the coffee machine for the first time you will first need to do a cleansing brew. Firstly, you have to place your coffee maker on your kitchen’s counter and plug it in. Once you do that, remove the large water reservoir, fill it with water, and place it back into the brewer. Then, press the power button to instigate the cleansing brew. After the cleansing brew is over, you are then ready to brew your first coffee!

User friendly

As with all Keurig coffee makers, the Keurig K575 very easy to use through. The large color touch screen control is simple and intuitive, so we promise you that you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. The touch screen has an integrated digital clock so you can keep track of the time while your favorite cup of joy is brewed.


As with most coffee pod machines, the Keurig K575 coffee machine is very easy to clean. All you need to do is open and close the brewer handle (without a pod inserted) and select a brew size. The removable drip tray at the base of the machine will catch all drips while you are cleaning the machine. Also, the removable drip tray and water reservoir can be easily removed to be rinsed out and cleaned thoroughly at anytime you wish.



Slim Design

The Keurig K575 comes in a modern and slim design that will add a touch of minimalism and exclusivity in your kitchen’s aesthetic. When it comes to size and weight, the Keurig K575 is small and compact which is great news if you don’t have that much space available in your kitchen. This coffee brewer stands just above 13.2″ inches height and has a slim width at around 10.5″. Predominantly crafted from plastic, the Keurig K575 is also lightweight, weighing at around 12 pounds.


Customizable Brew Sizes

Keurig K575 scores high when it comes to customizability. The coffee machine can brew different volumes of coffee according to the settings you set – from a single cup of coffee, to a 30-ounce carafe.

The available brew sizes are as 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce cups and 22, 26, or 30-ounce K-carafe. Therefore, if you are looking for a coffee maker indented for business use or groups of people, then you are better off buying a separate K-carafe.

Water Capacity

Although the Keurig K575 is compact in size, the coffee maker features a large water reservoir – holding up to 80oz of water. This means that you will have to brew up to approximately 10+ cups of coffee before you have to refill. The reservoir can be easily removed, so you can easily replenish the water in just a few seconds.

Customizable Strengths

Keurig K575 features a strength control setting that allows you to choose how bold you want your coffee to be according to your taste buds and caffeine needs. That’s definitely great news for all the coffee lovers that are dreaming of intense caffeine hits on those early morning wake-up calls.

Brewing Time

The Keurig K575 will brew your favorite cup of coffee in just under one minute – which is definitely less than the market’s average.

What is the Difference between the Keurig K575 and the 475 model?

At first glance, the two coffee makers look almost identical. Both coffee brewers feature a slim and compact design that won’t take much space on your kitchen’s counter. They are also lightweight enough to move around when you are cleaning, or if you want to temporarily store them away in case you need to.

When it comes to performance, Keurig K575 and K475 have similar features and functionalities. Both coffee makers have temperature control and strength control settings that allow you to brew your favorite cup just the way you want it to be. Moreover, both coffee brewers have an auto on and auto off feature, as well as a color touch screen with a n integrated digital clock.

If we take a closer look at the product characteristics, we can identify a few differences between the Keurig K575 and the K475 model. The Keurig K575 model features a 80oz water reservoir, whereas the K475 model features a 70oz water capacity. The difference only comes down to approximately 2 cups, which is not a great deal if you are not very fussy about replenishing the water a bit more often.

Although these two coffee makers are great when it comes to personal use, they are not ideal for every lifestyle. If you need to brew much larger volumes of coffee everyday – for example in the office – then you are going to need a bigger machine with increased capacity and functionality. You can check out Keurig’s K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker for that one.

Does Keurig k575 Have A Water Filter?

Yes, the Keurig k575 comes with a water filter kit. If you are wondering what the purpose of water filters is, let us explain. Water filters can prevent the build-up of minerals and as a result they help extend the lifespan of your coffee brewer. So, even if your coffee machine didn’t come with a water filter, we would definitely recommend that you buy one.

What's included in the package?

When you order your Keurig k575 coffee machine you will also receive a bonus 6-count K-Cup pod variety pack, one water filter handle, and two filters to help your beverage taste better.

It also comes with a maintenance kit for cleaning the needle. You will need all these in order to keep your machine up and running at its best!

How is the coffee taste?

As pod coffee goes, the Keurig K 575 produces a very satisfying cup of java. With the Keurig variety on its side, this coffee brewer allows you to choose from various coffee tastes, textures and beautiful aromas. Moreover, the customizable coffee strength option allows you to brew your hot coffee as intense and bold as you wish. Isn’t that great?

A few things to consider

The downside of any Keurig coffee machine is that you are limited just to Keurig coffee. Although Keurig machines are trusted and recognized all over the coffee industry, this is nevertheless bad news for those of you who want to experiment with numerous different brands.

If you try inserting non-brand pods into the machine, not only they won’t be recognized by the machine, but you also run the risk of damaging your Keurig coffee maker one and for all. So, you better stay away from any brand that is not Keurig.

The Bottom Line

The Keurig K 575 is a small, versatile coffee maker with everything needed to create your perfect cup of coffee! With a 4.2 out of 5 rating, this coffee machine has a high ranking from customer reviews – which is definitely a sign of credibility, right?

The Keurig K575 model is actually some of the best Keurig models available out there. This comes down to all the additional features and characteristics including the digital screen, the auto on and auto off feature, the temperature control system, the strength control setting, and the list goes on and on.

However, when thinking to buy the Keurig K 575 please do keep in mind that you will only be able to insert Keurig coffee pods. If you don’t mind this, then get ready to enjoy some great tasting cups of coffee. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that the Keurig k575 is not for people on a budget as it’s a bit more expensive compared to its predecessors. However, it does come with a few extra accessories which you would have to buy separately otherwise.

So, if you’re someone who appreciates a fashionable coffee maker that has a large variety of beverages and brew cup sizes available, then you will love this coffee maker. Because at the end of the day its Keurig, and we would expect nothing less, right?

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