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keurig k55 ultimate review

Keurig is a very well-known manufacturer of coffee machines and coffee-related equipment in the United States. The brand is part of the Keurig Dr Pepper Company and has its HQ in Burlington Massachusetts.

Keurig makes a wide range of machines but its K55 Coffee Maker is one of its most popular, entry-level, single-serve coffee makers . The company also manufactures premium and commercial grade coffee making equipment to fit all price ranges. The Keurig K55 is an entry-level machine and it is economically priced.

The K55 is a pod coffee brewer which will make a single cup of coffee from any one of a wide variety of pods in under one minute. This machine is an upgrade to Keurig’s wildly successful K50 Classic Coffee Maker. In relaunching this classic pod coffee brewer, the company has made some minor improvements and added a couple of extras.

How does the Keurig K55 Look and Feel?

The K55 won’t rock your world for its appearance. It’s a fairly middle of the road design, available in matt black, ‘Rhubarb‘ and ‘Patriot Blue’ This is an entry-level coffee maker so don’t expect too many bells and whistles! It’s a simple but effective design which focuses on just one function – making great drinks from pods. What you get is a plain-looking brewer flanked by a large 48 oz removable water reservoir. On the top left hand side of the machine you’ll see three contoured buttons for choosing the serving size of your coffee. There are also 5 lights which illuminate to tell you when the power is on or off, indicate which program is being carried out and alert you when the reservoir tank needs to be refilled. The dispenser is at the front of the machine and the removable drip tray is large enough to accommodate most cups and mugs. The machine has a compact footprint so it only takes up a moderate amount of space on your kitchen countertop.

What can the Keurig K55 Coffee Brewer Do?

The K55 is a single-serving coffee machine which can be used with virtually any coffee pod from any brand. This means that you can use it for making tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, chai or any other hot drink that comes in a Pod. You can also use it with refillable pods which is good news for people who are concerned about the environment.

The Keurig K55 gives you three cup sizes of 6oz, 8 oz and 10 oz, and the 48 oz water tank will make up to six cups before you need to refill it.

A great feature of this machine is that it has auto-descaling so you won’t need to run chemicals through it for maintenance. Instead, the machine can remove any limescale build-up automatically and without any effort from you. This makes it perfect for people who live in hard water areas.

How long does it take to make a cup of coffee?

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The answer to this question depends on a couple of variables. If it’s the first cup of coffee of the day, the K55 will need to warm up the water in the tank after you turn on the power. This can take up to 4.5 minutes but we did it in less than 3. Once the water is heated, you’ll have your first coffee in less than one minute.

Getting Started

If you are just unboxing the Keurig K55 for the first time, there are a few steps that you will need to take before you can brew your first cup of joe.

  • Soak the charcoal water filter in cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the stainless steel mesh from underneath the bottom filter holder. Rinse the mesh under running water for one minute.
  • Rinse both filter holders to remove any dust or debris
  • Replace the water filter in the filter holder
  • Set the maintenance dial for 2 months
  • Insert the filter holder into the reservoir.
  • Insert a coffee pod, add water, press the start button and you’re good to go!

How Easy is it to use the Keurig K55 Coffee Brewer?

This machine really couldn’t be much more straightforward. To make a drink, all you need to do is plug in the brewer, fill up the removable water reservoir, insert a drinks pod and place a cup under the dispenser. Then press the start button and the K55 will brew you up an aromatic and satisfying cup of coffee or other hot beverage.

Virtually every kind of tea, coffee and chocolate drink are now available in pods so you have a wide range of drinks options available for use with this machine. If you don’t like pods, you can use your favorite ground coffee in a reusable filter. This is an environmentally friendly option for people who are trying to cut down on their use of plastic.

Many coffee pods are now recyclable so if you are worried about waste, check the packaging of your favorite brand for recycling information.

Cleaning the Keurig K55

As with most pod coffee machines, mess is minimal and the Keurig K55 is no different. When you do need to clean up, it’s very simple to remove the drip tray and reservoir and rinse these out under warm running water.

Once a week or so, it’s a good idea to take out the removable parts and wash these with some mild dishwashing soap to get rid of any build-up which might affect the taste of your coffee. Like all coffee makers, good maintenance will increase the lifespan of your machine.

It’s easy to clean the outside parts of the coffee maker by simply rubbing down with a damp cloth. Never submerge the machine in water – but hopefully, you already knew that!

Because Keurig has included an auto-descale capability on this machine, the machine will automatically eliminate any limescale so the K55 is one of the best coffee machines for hard water areas. it’s also perfect for anyone who prefers to avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and detergents.

How is the Coffee from the Keurig K55?

We tried out the K55 with Keurig’s own brand K-Pods and the results were good. Let’s be honest, a coffee pod will never deliver coffee that is quite the same as a barista brewed espresso but as pod machines go, the K55 did a good job. The experience was fast and fuss-free with minimal mess and we were drinking a hot, well-balanced and aromatic brew in just one minute.

Because coffee pods are a standard size, if you haven’t used one of these types of machines before, it’s worth remembering that the smaller the serving size, the stronger the brew. I like my coffee strong so for me, the 6oz serving was perfect whereas a 10 oz cup was too watery for my personal taste. You can get around this by purchasing stronger tasting coffee pods.

What is really great about the Keurig K55 single-serve coffee brewer is that you can use any pod from any brand. This means that you have a lot of freedom in choosing what you want to drink. Pods are no longer limited to coffee these days and you can easily source hot chocolate, cocoa, a variety of teas, chais and even soup, believe it or not!

Technical Details

The Keurig K55 has a footprint of 13.3″ x 10.1″ x 13.2″ and weighs comes with a standard US plug and weighs 12.3lbs. It runs on standard 110 / 120 power and you’ll need to replace the filter roughly every 2 months. There’s a date dial on the machine which you can use to remind you when maintenance is due.

Is the K55 the best Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker?

You may have seen or even used the previous version of this coffee maker, the Keurig K50 This Classic Coffee maker was the predecessor to the K55 and it is still on the market today. The Keurig Classic K50 performs all the same functions as the K55 but it doesn’t look quite as contemporary and it’s missing a couple of features, including the auto-descale function and the charcoal filter. Nevertheless, this Classic coffee maker is still a great entry-level, single-serve brewer and because it’s been on the market a few years, it costs less than the K55. In my opinion, the Keurig K55 is a slightly better machine than the Keurig K50 but both machines are entry-level brewers. Although the K55 a bit better, there’s no difference in the flavor of the coffee that it makes so if you are on a budget, check price and see how much cheaper the K50 is. If the Classic K50 costs significantly less, then don’t be afraid to go for it. It is still a great machine.

Final Thoughts

For an entry level pod coffee brewer, the K55 is a good all-rounder. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, fast and versatile. It also looks pretty good and being able to use it with a variety of pods means that you have lots of beverage options. Bear in mind that like the Keurig K50, the K55 is pretty basic and it might not be ideal for everyone. You are also limited to making one cup at a time so if you have a large family or the machine is for use in a place of work, this might not be the right choice for you. If you’re happy with a single-serve machine but you like to program your brewer and are looking for something with a bit more functionality, it’s worth paying a bit more and going for one of Keurig’s premium models. Keurig’s K-Elite Coffee maker is a great looking single-serve machine that gives you far more control over its settings. This machine lets you make cold drinks as well as hot beverages. It also has a much larger reservoir and a greater range of serving sizes. I hope this review has helped you to choose the best Keurig coffee pod machine for your lifestyle. The Keurig K55 is available from Amazon. For the most current information check price at the following link (Insert). The machine is delivered for free with Amazon Prime.
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