Best grind and brew coffee maker

Best Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

Looking for the best grind and brew coffee maker? After testing several models, we concluded that the models listed below are currently the best on the market.

The coffee machines we’re going to talk about today make it very simple to automatically grind and brew a cup of coffee when you need it the most, when you wake up, or at any other part of the day since they are programmable.

While the coffee makers reviewed are perfect for most people, we have to talk about settings and features to make sure they truly match your needs. After all, when it comes to coffee, we are all very particular and enjoy our coffee in different ways. This is why we will also walk you through the process of how to buy the very best coffee maker of this type so you know exactly what you should look at.

Why Buy Coffee Machines With Grinder?

A coffee maker with grinder is a smart investment for those who need a quick cup of Joe fast, especially during mornings. While it is true that we are not faced with the same quality of the espresso machine, you do get the best coffee possible, as beans are ground right before being brewed. Besides this, you may want to buy a coffee maker with grinder because they provide:

Even Grind

The coffee maker that includes a burr grinder delivers a uniform grind. You can easily use this machine to obtain evenly ground coffee beans if the maker is of suitable quality. While many coffee enthusiasts prefer the hand-cranked grinders, there are numerous automatic machines on the market that deliver the same grind quality.

If you are particularly attentive to how the coffee beans are ground, just look for a machine that includes a conical burr grinder.

Increased Control

Many of the machines with grinders offer increased control over the coffee-making process. There are many settings that allow you to control grind levels and various other aspects of the brewing process, like flavor.

Finely ground coffee will not clog the machine and this increased control means you do not have to worry about most parts of the coffee-making process. You just choose grind size with the control panel and you are good to go.

Aromatic Flavors

When you use pre-ground coffee, the flavor that you get in the pot of coffee is not as great as it could be. The grinder and brew maker system guarantees that coffee beans are ground right before the coffee is brewed. This increases the overall aromatic taste. You do not get a similar aroma when you grind beans late at night and you brew the coffee in the morning as compared to when the machine automatically grinds and then brews at the desired hour.

Automatically Choosing How Much Coffee Is Brewed

Modern grind and brew coffee makers allow you to quickly choose how many cups of coffee you want to have ready at the desired time. Many even include a pause and take system that allows you to stop the brewing process to grab a quick cup while you wait for the rest of the coffee to be brewed. There are no wastage or leftovers that you have to worry about and some of the machines even include a hot plate to keep the coffee hot for a number of hours after you brew. This means you always get the best coffee and you do not have to worry that some will go stale as it is not drunk.

Saving Electricity

Many machines include an automatic shut off feature. This is particularly useful because the feature makes it impossible to waste electricity if you forget to turn off the coffee maker. Some machines allow you to automatically shut down the machine a number of hours after you brew or as soon as the brewing stops. Regardless of what you choose, energy consumption is reduced so your utility bills are lower while you use the coffee maker.

How To Choose The Best Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

As already mentioned, you cannot blindly buy the very first brew coffee makers you find. The crucial factors that always need to be considered before you buy such a machine are the following:

Grinder Type

Grind efficiency and brew efficiency are mandatory for this type of machine. You can make or break both with the grinder that is used. Always be really careful with what type of grinder is installed in the grind and brew coffee maker. The two main options used right now in such brew coffee makers are:

• Burr Grinder

This is the best option. The major advantage of using a burr grinder is the fact that beans are burred between plates. One plate remains in a stationary position while the other one spins around. This offers coffee grounds that are uniform-sized so you are sure that you get maximum aroma and freshness in every cup. Also, clogging problems are avoided and you can easily grind your beans based on the coarseness levels that you prefer.

A burr grinder is definitely a superior option with complete grind size control and a must-have for those that want the best possible coffee.

• Blade Grinder

The big advantage of the blade grinder is that the coffee maker becomes less expensive. However, you compromise grinding as it will not be as uniform as with the burr grinder. This is because beans are smashed between moving blades. In addition, clogging can become a problem since the size of the grind always ranges from chunks to powdered. With all this in mind though, if you do not mind extra cleaning and you are mainly interested in how much you pay, the blade grinder is a suitable investment.


You want to pick the coffee maker that brews as much coffee as you will need when you program it. For instance, a single cup is not enough for a family or an office environment. Various options are available right now but most of the automatic grind and brew coffee machines are 10- or 12-cup systems. If you choose one of these but you need less coffee, opt for the machine that allows you to brew a smaller number of cups, like 2 or 4, when you buy.

As an extra tip, when you look at capacity, pay close attention to the water tank and the bean hopper. The water tank should be built-in and the bean hopper needs to be of enough capacity to brew as many cups as needed. Sometimes the bean hopper is actually smaller than how much water the machine holds. This means that you cannot add as many coffee beans as you need so the design is not great.


This element is oftentimes overlooked but you should be careful with it. The carafe influences the overall usability of the machine and even the temperature of the brew. The two really common carafe options are:

• Glass Carafe

With a glass carafe, you can see the coffee being brewed. Moreover, the glass carafe is really easy to clean compared to the thermal carafe. You also notice when water comes out instead of coffee, which signals that ground coffee might be stuck or the machine has a problem you need to solve. The only downside of this type of carafe is that glass, as a material, is fragile. Proper handling is mandatory or you might end up breaking the carafe. Also, the coffee cannot be kept hot for as long as with the thermal carafe.

• Thermal Carafe

The thermal carafe is useful because it keeps the coffee hot for a number of hours without losing the drink’s taste and quality. Usually, this is because of stainless steel that is vacuum-insulated. The problem is that it is impossible to see the amount of brewed coffee. Also, this type of carafe is not dishwasher safe.

Do not confuse the hot plate with the thermal capabilities of the carafe. A hot plate practically means that there is a plate put under the carafe that keeps the coffee hot for an amount of time. The thermal carafe is much more effective and you can even use it to keep water warm if you want to make tea.

Kitchen Counter Space

When the countertop is small or you want to place the machine inside a small cabinet, you need a compact option. Fortunately, most of these coffee makers are very small. This is especially the case when comparing a coffee maker that does not have an included grinder with one that has it because when you want to use your whole bean coffee, an extra grinder is mandatory for coffee lovers.


As with any kitchen appliance, you want to get the most possible quality for the money you pay. There are some very affordable models on the market and some that are very expensive. Always check out durability and specifications in order to figure out whether or not the considered coffee maker offers what you need and the price is right. You cannot simply choose based on appearance.


Another thing you want to analyze is the warranty that the manufacturer offers. This can easily be a huge advantage because these coffee makers have small parts that can easily be damaged. When looking at the warranty, be particularly attentive to whether or not it is limited. A limited warranty means that there are some specific situations in which you need to pay a fee to get the machine fixed.

Maintenance And Cleaning

This is another overlooked factor you need to consider if you want to buy a very good grind and brew coffee maker. The machine you choose needs to be really easy to maintain and clean. If this is not the case, you will be tempted to not clean the machine as often as needed. In turn, this affects the coffee maker’s durability. Removable parts are always preferred but they should be dishwasher safe or they are still difficult to clean.

The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder

Cuisinart DGB-800 Burr Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker – 12 Cup

Cuisinart is renowned when it comes to its Cuisinart grind and brew automatic coffeemakers. This particular model allows you to make up to 12 cups of good-quality coffee. One of the main features we have to mention is the DirectFlow innovative grind assembly. It allows coffee to seamlessly move through the burr grinder (professional-style). Then, due to AutoRinse, all the coffee grounds actually enter the basket so you do not have to deal with grinds reaching areas that cannot be cleaned.

You can grind as much as you need, based on how many cups you plan to brew. The coffee grinder is controlled through 3 simple Cuisinart grind flavor strengths you can adjust. A large display allows you to see all the customizable selections.

What is particularly interesting about this coffee maker is the professional level burr grinder that provides guaranteed consistency. Beans are always kept fresh with a sealed lid and if you want less than the maximum 12 cups, you can always program the coffeemaker for only 4. You can easily control everything related to the brew and you will like the fact that the machine includes a charcoal water filter and a commercial-style gold-tone permanent filter for the best possible filtration system.


  • Comfort-grip handle
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Professional-style burr grinder
  • 3 flavor strength options available: extra-bold, bold, and regular
  • Auto Rinse
  • Direct flow grind so that dispensed ground coffee beans land directly into the coffee basket
  • Gold-tone commercial-style filter (permanent)
  • Extra-large LCD display
  • A grind-off feature so you can use pre-ground coffee


  • Very intuitive design
  • The machine brews excellent tasting coffee
  • Very high durability due to quality elements used
  • Professional burr grinder guarantees the use of uniform grounds for every single coffee


  • The coffee maker is louder than others
  • Cleaning is difficult because you have to clean 5 different elements every time

Cuisinart DGB-625BC 12-cup Automatic Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DGB-625BC offers delicious, easy, and quick coffee. Whole beans are freshly ground right before brewing happens and you can use the large control panel to program the coffeemaker to start whenever you want it to, like first thing in the morning. The design is sleek, featuring brushed metal finish so the coffee machine looks great in any modern kitchen.

The grind and brew coffee maker from Cuisinart features an auto-shutoff function that can be set to up to 4 hours and Brew Pause, so you can easily stop the brewing to grab a quick cup of coffee when you want it. If you do not want to grind a full carafe, there are also 4- and 1-cup settings available. In this case, make sure you use an adequate quantity of water for the best outcome. When you want to use pre-ground coffee, just activate the grind-off option.

The coffee maker comes with an instruction booklet and a measuring scoop. It features a permanent gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter. This makes it a certainty that coffee flavor is always fresh and flavorful.

You can program the machine ahead of time, by up to 24 hours. The shut-off feature is very useful because it stops the machine for you. If you can’t wake up in the morning or you are busy and you forget about your coffee, the machine shuts off automatically.

Lastly, if you want a smaller machine, you can opt for the same model with a 10-cup glass carafe and adequate settings.


  • Built-in automatic whole bean grinder
  • Charcoal water filter and gold-tone filter for optimum fresh coffee flavor when you brew
  • 3-years limited warranty
  • Fully programmable with several adjustable features like auto-shutoff, Brew Pause, and grind-off


  • Very intuitive user control panel
  • All the features you would expect in such a machine
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Brewed coffee is not as strong as with other similar machines.
  • A small design-flaw in the spring-loaded door. It features a catch lock mechanism that can easily be released by mistake through a button located on the side of the coffee machine.

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

The Breville BDC650BSS is actually an improved re-release of a previous model and the manufacturer managed to fix all the major problems that were mentioned in the past. This makes it a very reliable coffee machine with grinder that features Grind Control, which is practically an adjustable calibration function and grinder that allows you to grind before brewing and to customize the coffee volume and grind size based on personal preference.

When you program the machine you can be sure that you get the right pot of coffee for you as you can choose out of 8 strength settings. The bean hopper’s capacity is of half a pound and the locking system guarantees very fast transfer, storage, and removal.

You can use the Breville BDC650BSS to brew up to 12 cups of coffee or just one. The drip tray is removable so you can fit a taller travel mug or cup. Real-time feedback about strength selection, grind size, grinding time, selected settings, water level, and brewing time is offered through an LCD screen.

Program the machine to automatically start grinding and brew coffee based on your settings at the time you want it to for up to 24 hours. Every cup of coffee will be brewed at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is mandatory according to specialty coffee associations. Keep in mind that this means the water is warmed up to that level while the coffee will end up having a temperature of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • 8 possible strength settings and different grind settings
  • Removable drip tray for larger cup accommodation when you brew
  • LCD screen to quickly see all brew settings
  • Programmable Auto-Start feature to automatically start grinding and brewing at the chosen hour
  • Brush stainless steel construction
  • Improved stainless steel grinder that is more silent than what most of the competition offers and one of the best blade grinders on the market


  • Modern design that looks great in any modern kitchen
  • Coffee is brewed at the best temperature for a full-flavor cup of coffee
  • Numerous strength settings
  • Very silent grinder
  • Adjustable grind size
  • Very simple to clean


  • When using the single cup mode, the machine is a little slower than when you brew the entire carafe.
  • A design flaw with the carafe makes it difficult to pour out all the coffee that was brewed.

BLACK+Decker 12-Cup Mill And Brew Coffeemaker

The Black+Decker 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker is very sophisticated and features many different settings you can use to get the best cup of coffee based on personal preference. It includes QuickTouch programming, which is practically a very easy to use control panel. It features controls for time settings, brew strength, the auto brew feature, and others. Every single brewing takes coffee from the bean hopper and grinds it. The use of the bronze tone permanent filter is very effective while also removing the need to use paper filters. You can easily remove the coffee grinder and the filter for cleaning purposes.

This coffee maker is perfectly designed as an all-in-one machine. When it comes to a grinders coffee machine, coffee enthusiasts will tell you that you need to get a good cup at an optimum strength and flavor profile whenever you want to. This is easy with the BLACK+Decker.

You can use coffee grounds or whole beans and the backlit display always highlights when the machine is going to start brewing your next carafe of coffee. While there is no hot plate in place, you can get over this problem by programming the machine to just brew the amount that you need.


  • Integrated Grinder/Brew Filter that has an innovative design you will appreciate because it allows a very simple cleanup process.
  • Custom Brew options – A brew strength selector feature allows you to choose out of strong, bold, and regular.
  • QuickTouch Programming – You can program the coffee maker to start in advance by up to 24 hours so you get coffee hot right when you need it.
  • Streamlined Grinding and Brewing – This is possible through an all-in-one design that allows the user to quickly grind whole beans and guarantees fresh flavor.


  • Very easy to clean due to the innovative design
  • Numerous settings that you can use for a perfect cup of coffee
  • Highly-intuitive control panel
  • Suitable size for the bean hopper guaranteeing you never use more coffee than what will be brewed


  • The carafe is fragile. It is not a glass carafe and the plastic part can be affected by wear and tear.
  • You need to pay a fee of around $7.5 to replace the machine even if it is still in warranty.

Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

The Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS opted for the conical grinder as opposed to a blade grinder so you can be sure that grinding happens at a slower pace. This imparts minimal heat and is very effective at preserving more aroma, especially when compared to a blade grinder. But, this is not the only thing that stands out with this bean-to-carafe maker that has a quality similar to that of an espresso machine.

You will instantly notice that the design of the machine makes it really compact. This is in part because of the 10-cup glass carafe, which is 2 cups smaller than most of the coffee makers on the market. However, it is still enough for most people. Additionally, the bean hopper features a 6-ounce container.

You do not need to use paper filters with the CoffeeTeam GS thanks to the addition of a quality gold-tone filter. When it is time to clean it, just use the dishwasher and it is easily cleaned.

Use the control panel to choose how many cups of coffee you want to brew. It is possible to choose out of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cups. Select strong, regular, or mild for flavor and if you want to, you can even program 2 settings. One is for automatic operation and one for manual operation. This means that you can get a specific type of coffee in the morning (maybe stronger) and another one when you use the coffee maker grind during the day.


  • Complex user control panel.
  • Conical burr grinder – integrated model featuring direct-feed technology to save counter space.
  • 6-ounce bean container.
  • Completely programmable with 2 different memorized settings.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display to see strength, grind, and time settings.
  • A charcoal water filter that can remove up to 82% of all impurities, including chlorine.
  • 2-hour Safety Shut-off – Keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours after brewing is finished. After that, the heating element automatically shuts off.
  • Stop-and-serve – Can stop the machine during the brew process so you can grab a quick cup of coffee.


  • Very compact design that minimizes kitchen counter space and keeps moisture from the coffee grinder
  • The filters included are very good
  • Very easy to clean
  • Five different fineness settings


  • Oily beans are not handled very well and will require more cleaning
  • Controls can be confusing for people that are less tech-savvy
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